Nyepi Workshop March 2013


Come and join Shankari and her O’hana (extended family) in Bali as she guides you through the Nyepi Ceremonies and celebrations…

What is Nyepi?

Nyepi is the celebration/ceremony performed for the Balinese new year.
Shankari the Alchemist has lived in Bali for 25 years.  Far more than the average tourist Shankari understands the deeper magic of the Balinese culture and the true nature of the Balinese people. Let her share her insights with you during the amazing Nyepi celebration. The Indonesian island of Bali is the last place on earth that still has a community dedicated to clearing negative energy from their homes and villages on an annual basis.

How do they achieve this?

They come together with one intent on an annual basis in March each year to build Ogoh Ogoh and hold a Nyepi ceremony!
 Every village across the whole island becomes involved in creating their own Ogoh Ogoh (an Indonesian interpretation of the Dutch word ‘Ogre’) Or monster…

These are made over a period of weeks, sometimes months, they are big sculptured symbolic monsters expressing the eternal battle between the dark and the light. Of course the light always wins in the final battle on The Night of Fires!!
The “Night of Fires” is the final wild, crazy celebration when all the monsters are paraded up and down the village streets, carried by willing teams of Ogoh Ogoh dancers, blessed by the priests and in deep trance, thinking as one mind, acting to absorb all negativity and leave clean clear space behind them.  The Ogoh Ogoh  finally meet their end and are piled on the river beach and burned in a huge bonfire….

This is followed by “The Day of Silence” and renewal. The whole island of Bali is in stillness for the whole day, no traffic, no planes, no machines, simply the sound of children’s laughter and birds singing fill the air….

Children are allowed out to play on the deserted streets and the atmosphere is one of peace and renewal.

Shankari has extensive experience of the
creation and manifestation of the Ogoh Ogoh monster, she has made history over the past few years since she insists on allowing her team of Balinese female students of magic to build and carry their own Ogoh Ogoh through the streets of the local villages.

Never before have women had permission to be so involved in this process! Her Balinese women are
thrilled to be allowed to dive into the Nyepi celebration as equals to their men-folk.

This all happened because through enquiry Shankari discovered the Balinese women felt they were missing out on all the fun.

Her team of Indonesian and Balinese women are very keen to show you how and help you in your own efforts to become creatively activated and celebrate your opportunity for renewal to rediscover yourself and your own genius, once all the rubbish is burned away and the true gemstones of your life are revealed.

Your genius will shine!

  1. During this retreat experience with Shankari you will have the chance to eat only 100% organic healthy food.
  2. Come with Shankari to a secret temple in the jungle by the Holy River dedicated to the Crocodile, with deep connections into Egypt and the ancient Mayan culture. Experience an ancient  cleansing ceremony from deep sacred springs within the temple grounds performed by female priests.
  3. Learn and practice “The Blue Fire Ritual” with Shankari the Alchemist on an activated energy vortex connected to the formative core force of the islands of Hawaii and Japan.
  4. If you are an initiate of “The Blue Fire Ritual” come and learn the next step, “The Portal Ritual’’ preparing your Light Body to handle more power passing through your internal system. This is why we have to practice, so we can be a potent conduit for the healing Light of Divine Spirit when we are needed.
  5. Come and enjoy Yoga with Nicky Sudianta. An amazing experience of true bliss.
  6. Enjoy dance performances by the children from the local villages, all are trained in Shankari’s sponsored Dance School to keep the culture alive and vibrant on every level Shankari believes dance is essential!
  7. Celebrate your own renewal with a day of complete silence. Make your own intentions com tarjoaakin jotain hieman erilaista, silla kauttamme Casino . for this day of perfect peace… intention is your most powerful weapon, use it wisely!

Arrival: Friday March 8th

Saturday March 9th Day one
Meet Shankari in person!!!
Orientation and introductions.  Get to know each other make a plan and commence building the Ogoh Ogoh Monster together

Evening performance in the restaurant by the Children from Shankari’s Traditional Balinese Dance School

Learning Level 1. “The Blue Fire Ritual” or Level 2. “The Portal Ritual”…

Sunday March 10th Day two
Building the Ogoh Ogoh as a team, it really is a huge task and usually takes a Balinese village a month or two to build.

Shankari and her team have built many Ogoh Ogoh. She will have one Ogoh Ogoh almost completed and awaiting your team. Your team will make the Ogoh Ogoh live and breathe…  through paints and fabric decorations… it’s up to us and it will be great fun!


Monday  March 11th Day three
Day of final preparations on Ogoh Ogoh.  From early morning till mid afternoon all the finishing touches will be put on the Ogoh Ogoh by our team
In the afternoon, there will be an activation ceremony with our local Balinese Priest…this is an amazing scene… everyone comes together to receive blessings and protection in order to become an integral part of the Ogoh Ogoh Ceremony and energetically deep cleanse the island
The same evening, there are huge street parades, they stop the traffic for miles, Ogoh Ogoh are on the move! “The Night of Fires” as they all finally meet their end on the river beach, filled with all the negativity from the villages and the people, (and ourselves) the negative energy is transmuted through the power of fire and water. Resolved and drained away leaving the village and ourselves cleansed and renewed…

Nyepi Day: Tuesday March 12th (Equinox) Day four
Day of Silence: no one is allowed to use a machine or go out onto the streets or make any noise except children. The reason is the Balinese people believe the monsters flying over head will think there is no one living in Bali if it is very quiet.

They believe the monsters can’t see children because of their pure hearts.

This is one of the most remarkable days in the Balinese calendar and true evidence that the Balinese people are a genuinely spiritual culture with a clear intent to stay aligned with the natural forces of the earth there is much we can learn from them.

On this day you practice your personal ritual in silence and become strong in your personal intent for the future.

Wednesday March 13th Day Five
Day after The Day of Silence, release from the past.

Accepting the power and beauty of the moment…

Back to business as usual with a big smile that comes from your heart

You are an important part of the fabric of the whole.

Come and join Shankari the Alchemist in Bali and have a completely life changing experience.

Arrival Date: Friday March 8th

Departure: Wednesday March 13th

Price: $880 per person for Five Nights All Inclusive

  • Tour to Crocodile temple
  • Dance Performances,
  • Blue Fire Ritual or Portal Ritual (depending on their previous initiations)
  • Three meals a day & snacks
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Traditional Balinese costume and sarong provided

We have accommodation for 30 people in Bali. Please contact Nicky Sudianta for more details about the Yoga and the Retreat Center facilities for our guests.

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